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Eco-courier – a courier service that doesn’t cost the earth!

Carbon off-setting is something Indigo takes very seriously.  We believe it is an issue for future generations, and for living in the here and now.

It is about justice.  People in the developing world have done least to contribute to the effects of global warming, yet it can be argued that they are affected sooner and more severely than many of us in developed countries.  Poorer countries are also least resourced to combat the effects. 

Indigo Courier Services are pleased to say with confidence that we are absorbing more carbon than we create. Indigo employs “eco driving techniques” reducing carbon output.  In addition our carbon usage is off-set by the planting of trees – usually in warmer climates than Britain where trees grow faster, absorbing carbon more quickly as a result.  This also helps to prevent land turning into desert and protects crops in other ways. We have already covered a life time of driving by the trees planted, but will continue to provide resources to continue planting more.